EXODUS 2013: 'National Leave the Abortion Industry' Day | April 8 2013

Monday, April 8 is Day of Exodus 2013.  Simply put, it is the day of the year that abortion clinic workers who are ready to quit their jobs do so, in exodus.

Whatever led you to work in the abortion industry, please realize that this isn’t your full potential.  If you feel bound to your job in an abortion clinic (whether it’s financial struggles, pressure from friends or family, a sense of obligation from an abortion in your past, or anything else) you don’t have to feel trapped in your work at an abortion clinic any more.

During your transition out of the abortion industry, And Then There Were None will help you find new job opportunities in your area. During that time, we will provide you with financial assistance to make sure your rent and bills are paid, food is on the table, and gas is in your car while you job hunt.  We can provide you with free legal representation if you must take any kind of legal action against your former employer.  We are here to support you emotionally during and after your transition, and we will help you locate a spiritual director if you want one.

No one grows up wanting to work in an abortion clinic.  Forty-five abortion clinic workers have followed their conscience and fled the abortion industry through ATTWN since June 2012.   We can help you too.

It is free.  It is confidential.  Contact us here.

Note: We will absolutely help you if you decide to quit your job at the abortion clinic before April 8.  Same applies if you decide to leave after April 8.  We are here to help abortion clinic workers flee the industry... whenever they are ready.

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